• Responsive design

    The system is designed so that it would be applicable to all devices, regardless of screen size.

    Whether it is a mobile device or a desktop computer. It is controlled on a touch-display or with a mouse.

  • Multiculturalism

    Do you have teams located in different countries, or even in different time zones? That is no problem for our solution. Everything is tailored to your needs. Language, currency and even the time zone.

  • Multilingualism

    SprinxCRM 7 supports any language mutation. The basis is the Czech, Slovak and English language.

  • Multicurrency

    In the system it is possible to work with any number of currencies and exchange rates. The basic currency is set as the default one and is applied to all outputs. Thanks to monetary variability it is possible to create any conversions and transformations of currencies. There is a way of adjustable system rounding for each currency.

  • Time Zones

    The system works with the time zones. Your daily agenda will automatically adapt to what time zone you are in at the moment.

  • Contact Management

    Like any other CRM, Sprinx CRM 7 can store information about companies and individuals. You can add random amount of

    • telephones
    • email addresses
    • postal addresses

    to each contact.

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