and integration of accounting

Thanks to SprinxCRM 7’s ability to integrate with accounting systems, you can successfully develop sales and marketing campaigns in line with the accounting processes.

Among the benefits of using SprinxCRM 7 in conjunction with accounting programs include:

  • Monitoring and management of a customer’s financial condition in relation to data in your CRM.
  • Understanding of customer’s purchasing habit variables.
  • Areas of highest interest for customers and potential revenue growth prediction.
and Google Apps

SprinxCRM Google Apps™ Sync is a tool to consolidate key communications with customers to facilitate information availability.

With SprinxCRM Google Apps™ Sync you can easily:

  • Download emails from any IMAP mail server to appropriate contacts in SprinxCRM.
  • Uniting corporate data in CRM with personal plans and timetables.
  • Increase the flow of communication between you and your customers.
  • Create in-depth activity history and communication records with customers.
  • Take control of all e-mail correspondence between you, your customers, and sales team.

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