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To work fast everyone needs different information. Thanks to revolutionary functionality ScoringBlog we will adjust the output information to different users exactly based on what they need.
The view of the Finance Director is different to the one of the Sales Representative.

No unnecessary clicking.

All the necessary information at first glance.

What is Scoring Blog


SprinxCRM can be operated in three different forms. In addition to this we offer full customization of the system, or flexible setting of the support


Flexible and customizable according to needs of the client

From 7 EUR / month / user

Option of 24/7 and 10/5


ExChange, emailové servery (Gmail, Yahoo, Seznam...)

From 1 EUR / month / user

Integration to corporate systems

Money S3, Pohoda, Vario, Navision, SAP

From 25 EUR / month


  • ScoringBlog - all the necessary information at first glance
  • Responsive design - from anywhere on any device
  • Multiculturalism - it doesn´t matter where your branches are, what currency you pay. SprinxCRM will adjust.
  • Contact Management - common contact management, including interconnection networks.
  • Integration into social networks - information from social networks, interconnection, easy to receive information, downloading photos, supplementing information
  • Import and export of data - option of an easy import and export of data with a practical guide
  • Customization - we will customize CRM to suit your needs

This is just a small list of functionalities,
all of them wouldn´t fit here

Do you want to know all of them?

Integration SprinxCRM 7

money S3
Microsoft Dynamics
Google Drive
  • Option to interconnect with corporate systems - Money S3, Pohoda, Vario, Navision, SAP
  • Internet document depository - Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive
  • Social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Emails - Exchange and others email services (Gmail, Yahoo, Seznam)

SprinxCRM 7 can be connected virtually

with all corporate systems.

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Possibility of integrating

on premise
private cloud


  • possibility of integrating with ERP systems or other internal systems
  • runs online / offline
  • possibility of integrationg with helpdesk or callcentre
  • easy customizations
  • easy maintenance and administration

We offer full CRM customizations and flexible support services features.

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Cooperation proves good

“Modern CRM solutions with practical and efficient use. Easy access is now different from already existing instruments for the users. It unifies access to information across different systems and gives space for further development.“

Karel Fryš, Deputy Call Center Manager Olympus Europe


Olympus was the first one to implement SprinxCRM 7. The User Support Centre unifies the information on customers, products and purchased service contracts and their current status. It supports services of incoming calls and e-mails. It also keeps track of all communications with clients and allows sharing of the communication across the whole structure of the support team. SprinxCRM 7 is not only integrated with SAP and tools of service centres in Olympus, but also with global sales e-shop.

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Sprinx Systems is in the market since 1996. We mainly focus on creation and implementation of SprinxCRM. However, this is not all we are able to do. We are able to prepare a clever web or portal. We rank among the leading suppliers of the most demanding solutions of High Performance Computing. We can offer you complete outsourcing and Cloud services, or we are able to create software that fits your needs.

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